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I am an open-minded, southern momma with a sarcastic sense of humor. I hold a bachelor's degree in Fine Art Photography, enjoy the outdoors, gardening, good music, great films, and most of all my little three piece family. I fancy meeting and working with all types of people and truly believe that variety is the spice of life. My work is very intuitive and guided heavily by the specific feel of the occasion. With that said, my goal is to creatively capture the mood and personality of each individual client, avoid any judgments, bring peace to the moment, and provide a fun experience for all involved.


In case you're still interested, here are some fun facts:

-My least favorite thing to do is the dishes.

-I have a very rational fear of wasps and jellyfish. Both have hurt me in the past.

-Even if I've just met you, I will definitely tear up during your wedding ceremony. 

-The best concert I've ever been to would be My Morning Jacket at Wakarusa in the Summer of 2011. Jim James has the voice of an angel.

-I thoroughly enjoy visiting new places, eating all the foods, and of course, taking tons of photographs. 

-My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because I'm a sucker for imperfect love and the human condition.

-I'm an ok speller.

-I have four hens and I call one of them Danger. The other three are regularly referred to as the "girls" because they all look alike. 

-It's hard for me to say no to ice cream. Unless it's mint chocolate chip. 






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